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The pages here are made specially to give you an overview about the classes I teach at UNM!

Please find the page which features your class. There will be helpful information for you to read to give you a wonderful idea of the work we'll be doing, there are supply lists and an area to pay the supply fee for your class, if that applies to your class.

Please feel free to contact me here or through my personal email: [email protected] I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have and I look so forward to sharing fun, learning and CREATING BEAUTIFUL ARTWORK in our class(es) together!

Please visit my website: to see more of my work. 

Thank you, I look forward to seeing you soon!


"Earth" without "Art" is just "Eh"!


Welcome to the beginning of what will be the most fun, relaxing and magical art form you’ll ever create! Acrylic Pouring (or Fluid Art) is such an enjoyable way of creating art that offers the fun and amazement of watching your masterpiece form before your very eyes! 

This unique technique of acrylic painting leaves you with one of a kind results. No brush, no pallet. Simply pour and watch the effects and cells come to life. In this course, we will learn how to combine common household materials such as glue, WD-40 silicone and acrylic paint to create an eye-catching work of art! You will be amazed and have such a rewarding creative experience making works of art on a variety of surfaces, using a variety of techniques, ingredients and tools! 

This class requires many materials and gallons of paint!! In order to offset the cost of supplies, there is a $25 supply fee which can be paid by clicking the 'Donate' button below, which will take you to PayPal to pay your supply fee. 

I also have a list here of surfaces you will need to bring to the class (ie: canvas, canvas panels, wood panels which have been primed with white paint to seal the wood) I suggest sizes of 5x7, 8x10 or 9x12. Walmart (in store or has a 3-pack of 12x16 for only $5.97! You can get 50-75% off coupons on their websites/apps for purchases at Hobby Lobby and Michaels where you can get great discounts on canvas/panels there, too! Jerry's Artarama has a 5-pack of 6x6 canvas panels for $3.29! artbites-canvas-textured-boards

I suggest getting 10 surfaces to pour on..we’ll be very busy and do so many fun and beautiful techniques. 

Please contact me if you have any questions at all! 

You will LOVE Acrylic Pouring! It is a magical, beautiful, surprising, relaxing, fulfilling art form that you will fall in love with and carry what you learn in the class to grow in your own work in the future! 



Welcome to

Trompe l'oeil - mural painting (french for "fool the eye") is the process of using light and shadow to create a seemingly 3-d object on a flat surface. Used in combination with mural painting, an artist can create elements such as Trompe l'oeil moldings, windows with mural scenes, faux skies, etc. 

No drawing skills are necessary, no experience required for this Trompe l'oeil - Mural class! 

Individuality in each Trompe l'oeil - mural work is encouraged, no two paintings should ever be alike; they should show your own unique personality and style. We will have a reference image to paint our landscape from but if you have your own image/reference photo, something that you would like to paint from..feel free to bring it and paint the 'view that means something special to you'!!

Included in this Trompe l'oeil - Mural class: 
- 3x4 foot canvas to paint your masterpiece on

- all paints and brushes. If you have your own set of brushes that you'd like to bring as well, please do!

We will learn a variety of techniques for faux painting (stone, brick, faux skies, mountains, even pottery) which can be replicated on walls and other surfaces as well as in your own fine art on canvas.

The supply fee for this class is $30, which you can pay by clicking the link below. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments and I look so forward to our exciting adventure in to trompe l'oeil mural painting coming soon!